The November Food bagging and 2 food drives fed 1504 people and 375 families. We had 137 volunteers with 411 volunteer hours. I was not able to obtain the the number of food bags including produce that were bagged for the 2 food drives or the number of school pantry bags for the public school food program, due to the long Thanksgiving weekend for the Utah Bank staff.  The need for food donations during this inflation period is growing every month. We didn't turn away as many cars as last month. Several individuals and families got minimal food donations and will need to seek additional food through other food drives and food pantries. It continues to be a humbling and rewarding volunteer experience to help these individuals and families get food supplies. I have noticed several food donation bins throughout St. George grocery stores and Sunriver.  These food donations bins will be picked up from the community in mid-December and used in various food pantry and drives.