St. George Sunrise
Washington County Fairgrounds
5500 W 700 S
Hurricane, UT
United States of America



Lets all show Mike our support in his year and attend this great event.  It will be fun.  


Join your fellow Club members in the Changing of the Guard from Dave to Mike!  This will be a BBQ dinner at the Washington County Fairgrounds (pavillion) from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. on Friday, June 16th.  This will be a catered dinner, not a hamburger/hot dog event.  Even though the Fairgrounds are public area, we are a private party so you can  BYOB.  There will be NO COST to Rotarians of all service categories (traditional, Veteran or service).  This is a Club Thank You party and we want eveyone to come.  The cost for spouses and guests will be $40 each. Pleae provide your RSVP so we can plan the food.