This month we bagged 2,180 dry bags, 350 frozen bags for a total of 2,530 bags. These bags were completed by 45 volunteers/90 service hours. For the Friday food drive at Valley View LDS church we had 23 volunteers/70 volunteer hours. We fed 550 individuals and 120 families. Our driver driver, Jim Torres, returned this week. He has been on medical leave for several months due to a work injury.  Our own Rotarian, Tony Damiano, took the extra food that wasn't given to individuals at this food drive up to Canyon Creek shelter in Cedar City. Our veteran rotarian, Penny,  passed away in March frequently took extra food to this women's shelter. We hope to continue to taking some food stuffs to this facility. The Utah food bank supplied some donations this month that they referred to as a mother's day basket. These bags included some lotion, a candle and other items that women will treasure.