Dictionaries Delivered to 3rd grade students in Hilldale, Colorado City, Kanab, & Orderville.  

This year we continued with our Dictionaries for 3rd graders project.  On Thursday, September 2nd just after our morning breakfast meeting five of us climbed into the van, borrowed from Root For Kids, loaded with dictionaries for 3rd graders.  Suzanne put the van in gear and off we went for the day.  First stop Hilldale followed by Colorado City, Kanab, and finally Orderville.  This year we had bypass Fredonia since they were on a holiday break.  We will catch them later.  As always, Darrin becomes a 3rd grade teacher and leads the attentive students through the many uses of a special dictionary.  The students are always wonderful and I actually believe they enjoy the dictionaries and will cherish their new gift from Dixie Sunrise Rotary.