A very busy month for Dixie Sunrise.

February saw the Dixie Sunrise Rotary working on our continuing monthly service project with the Utah Food Bank. It  is a 3 day project and we had close to 100 volunteers helping us on those three days. We were able to send food home to approximately 900 needy people.

February also saw us assisting again in the rerouting of the Aspiration Trail. We have volunteered on five different Saturdays reconstructing a half a mile of trail. Very  difficult work. A lot of rocks and boulders had to be moved. Twenty-five people on average have volunteered on these Saturdays putting in at least 3 hour each time. That comes to 400 volunteer hours. Service above Self that is why we are Rotarians. Nice job everyone.The Dixie Sunrise club is currently forming a Veterans  Focused Satellite Rotary Club.  The goal is to have Veterans Serve Veterans.  Even though the club has not official formed yet they are off doing service projects.  They helped a veteran that is currently in a wheel chair and  can’t work.  The club provided the family of four with three large boxes of food, diapers, wipes, and cash to help out.  They also provided help to a deployed spouse in need of legal and house repair help.  Veterans Rock.