Dixie Sunrise Rotary holds Social Golf Event for the HWSG.

Social Golf in the HWSG is one of the major non medal events.  Dixie Sunrise Rotary for the first time took on the job of being the Social Golf Directors.  The directors this year were Suzanne Leonelli, Dave Nelson and Wayne Barnes.  The major number of volunteers to support the events were from Dixie SunRise Rotary.  The directors organized two separate events on October 4th and October 11th at the Copper Rock Golf Course.  The events included 80 players on the 4th and 130 players on the 11th.  Both events included prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place overall along with the 3 players closes to the pin on all four par 3 holes. Other duties of the events besides organizing was to develop the pairs, purchase all prizes, purchase & deliver snacks and drinks, and lunches to all the players on the course.  The events were a total success and will continue next year.