Getting ready for the summer rush at the food bagging and Friday food drive for June 2023. For the Wednesday food bagging we had 65 volunteers/195 volunteer hours. This included many rotary club members, Sun River residents, LDS church members and missionaries and other community volunteers. We bagged 1,300 bags of food. 200 bags for Washington City, 150 bags for Valley View, 130 bags for  Parowan, 100 bags for Root for kids, 200 bags for Washington School district, 250 bags for Cedar City,  150 bags for Kanab, 120 bags for Hildale. For the Friday food drive we had 21 volunteers/63 volunteer hours. We fed 500 individuals and about 125 families. We had over 10 rotary club volunteers on Friday. We will be having a new driver, as our beloved Jim Torres has been job reassigned.